KLUDI design accessories
Contemporary and classy, light and
graceful – this is the effect KLUDI A-XES
gives. The accessories are the ideal
addition to the KLUDI fittings. Their
distinct use of form with cylinders and
cubes makes it possible to combine
them with every bathroom design.

liquid soap dispenser

liquid soap dispenser satin finish glass ..

glass holder

glass holder satin finish glass ..

soap dish

soap dish satin finish glass ..

towel holder

towel holder ..

bath towel rail

bath towel rail 650 mm ..

bath towel rail with shelf

bath towel rail with shelf 600 mm ..

double bath towel rail

double bath towel rail 550 mm ..

grab bar

grab bar 350 mm ..

sponge basket

sponge basket ..

sponge basket corner-mounted

sponge basket corner-mounted ..


paper-holder ..

spare toilet paper holder

spare toilet paper holder ..

toilet brush holder

toilet brush holder ..