Kludi was the first to introduce this practical kitchen fittings solution. The multi-connector provides additional connection points for dishwashers and makes clumsy pipe branches unnecessary. By way of increased safety, water flow is openend and closed using a separate valve.

Ideal when fittings are to be installed close to windows. Because bayonet version fittings can simply be pulled out and turned on their sides in a single action whenever the window needs opening. Height with tap turned on its side: 3 cm in the case of fittings without multi-connectors and 3.5 cm in the case of fittings with multi-connectors.

The smallest thermostatic controller in the world is a genuine KLUDI innovation. Only the micro-cartridge enables the development of the extremely thin, filigree-effect fittings with their thermostat function, used for the first time in the KLUDI NEW WAVES range.

This function was specially developed for the KLUDI NEW WAVES range. Simply swivelling the spout to one side (side optional when installing) allows running water to be turned off with the help of a closing mechanism in the base of the fitting. Easily operated using the elbow. Swivel the spout back again to continue running water.

The s-pointer from Kludi makes it possible to adjust the jet angel direct on the aerator – no additional joints nor ungainly modifications to the fitting. Be it a less severe angle upward or a steeper angle downwards. Adjust to any position with the touch of a single finger – any time..

And another real innovation: KLUDI E-GO presents a world première. It is the first kitchen fitting that can be operated manually and electronically. Contact-free operation by means of a sensor is a particular advantage when both hands are full. The fitting can also be controlled manually at any time as required. So it’s no wonder that KLUDI E-GO was awarded the coveted PLUS X AWARD for Design and Ease of Use.