The Kludi family business was founded in 1926. What started out as a small company in beautiful Menden, developed in an ongoing process to become a business with an international outlook. Today, Kludi GmbH & Co. KG can call a total of seven productions sites, eleven sales subsidiaries and six sales offices their own. Kludi has a broad base not just because of its different locations but the variety of ranges satisfies all requirements. 

Kludi is a leading  supplyer of  kitchen fittings  but also of bathroom fittings,showers and hospital fittings.Kludi has made a name for itself with its brand  partnerships and demonstrated further expertise where complete bathroom solution are concerned.


1926     Franz Scheffer establishes Scheffer Armaturen in Menden,Germany.

1965     His son Paul Scheffer continues to manage the company successfully. He acquires theKlusendick fittings factory, effectively laying the foundations for the KLUDI brand.

1980     A period of strong growth continues: new fittings plants in Hornstein (Austria) and Menden are the result.

1984     Internationalisation on the move: seven foreign sales organisations founded.

1993     Go east: another component plant is opened in Diósd, Hungary.

1996     Yet another eventful year: the internationally standard KLUDI brand is established; a training centre opens up in Menden; the next component plant is built in Opole, Poland; presence abroad is reinforced by three more sales organisations.

1997     Pioneer: KLUDI is one of the first German companies to join the EU’s Eco Audit Initiative.

1998     Ecological practice: packaging, printing ink, adhesive and shrink film materials earn the description of being environmentally friendly.

2001     Common features: all German Kludi companies change their name to GmbH & Co. KG and Franz Scheffer succeeds his father, Paul.

2003     Brandpartnership JOOP! and KLUDI.

2007     Esprit as brand partner: modular elements offer versatility and unique solutions according to lifestyle thanks to the exclusive cooperation. 

Confidence in the future: a new factory with full-scale production in Ras al-Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) extends the Kludi family. It is the result of a joint venture.

2010     Kludi Group established it”s subsidiary in India to exclusively  market and distribute Kludi, Kludi RAK, ESPIRIT and JOOP brands are under one roof.